We've been working hard these last few years to find a reward program that was both easy to use and gave us lots of ways to say thanks for supporting your only locally owned art supply store. With the opening of our new location, we've upgraded our systems and migrated to AppCard.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Give us your phone number at checkout and we'll give you a $5 gift card just for signing up!

Step 2: Shop like you normally would. Our system will automatically award you one point for every dollar you spend in one of our stores.

Step 3:
Use your points to get free stuff!
-Redeem 50 points for a free artist journal
-Redeem 100 points for a $10 gift card
-Redeem 250 points for a free month of Iris Artbox
-Redeem 500 points for a Prismacolor 150 pc set

Step 4: Need more points? No problem.
Post a review of the new store on your favorite platform. Let us know the next time you stop in and we'll add 50 points to your account.

Step 5: Still want more? AppCard keeps track of how often you visit, so as a special gift to our regulars, we'll give you a $10 gift card for every 10th purchase of any amount that you make.