The story behind our new logo


A little history…

Three years may not seem like a long time

but boy has the store changed!

Oracle started out as tiny little store that was a sister company… partner company… it didn’t really have a title I guess… but it was a project launched by a local art space that catered to a lot of visual artist and artist events. The appeal was the convenience of supplies being available to these artists onsite.

Two racks of drawing supplies and that was about it. The store didn’t even have paint or brushes or an official sign for a long time. It was kinda embarrassing looking back, but at that time it wasn’t about starting a business. I was just trying to make life easier for some local artists I knew.

That neighboring space was the Apollon and the decision to name the store Oracle grew out of a shared love of mythology. Apollo, keeper of the nine muses, had a well known temple in Delphi Greece. In this temple the Oracle, a young woman who lived in Delphi, would answer questions and give guidance to those who sought it. This Delphic Oracle, was the inspiration for the name. I hoped to be a guide to the right supplies to use to make a project work - like an artistic soothsayer, if you will.

The original Oracle logo was born of these early inspirations. The colors, shapes and font mirroring that of the art space, but still uniquely Oracle.

Half of our entire old inventory is in this picture. I miss the old purple and orange tile!

Half of our entire old inventory is in this picture. I miss the old purple and orange tile!

The store quickly outgrew this original space. More new product was added as demand directed what we should stock and we introduced a locally unique thrift section (started out as one tiny display, mostly of stuff from my storage unit. Yes, I too am an art supply hoarder!)

About one year into this original space, the storefront across the street opened up and we jumped on the opportunity for more space. The store separated from the art space and I became solely focused on the art supply store. By now it was its own company and not just a side project. Our inventory felt tiny in the new much larger space, but we stretched what we had kept adding until we ended up with a little bit of everything in stock. Thrift grew fastest of all and became half of our store, instead of just a small section in the back.

That is how it got to be the store you know today.

out with the old, in with the new

out with the old, in with the new

On to the new…

Oracle’s new grown up status meant the store needed to adopt its own style. A new vision that was less Apollo and more Oracle.

You may have noticed some of the changes we have been rolling out to get there. I have done a complete redesign of the website, from the very dark look from before (again mirroring the art space), to a lighter fresher feeling and color palette that reflected more of the look and feeling of being in the store. The next logical step was to update the logo for the new Oracle. Something light and fun to continue to reflect this new personality.

So the design took some inspiration from the Oracle of Delphi. Specifically her soothsaying and guidance. This idea was adapted into a recognizable symbol of fortune tellers - the crystal ball. A rounder softer logo that was more feminine - more like the Oracle herself and less like Apollo.

This new logo is representative of Oracle’s focused effort to act as your creative guide and help you on your artistic journey. Stop in to talk about the future of your next project.

Keep an eye out for either to know it is from Oracle

Keep an eye out for either to know it is from Oracle

So what do you think?

Do you like the new logo? Will you miss the old? Let us know what your think! Extra thanks to Johnny Ireland for helping me design it, and being the vector imaging wizard.
Thanks for reading!


Your Art Supply Oracle