5 New Items We are Excited About

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We learned so much from the giant Art Materials conference we went to in San Antonio. We also brought back a bunch of new product we are excited to share with you very soon! While some of these finds are not technically new, they are new to our store so we wanted to catch you up on what we’re excited to bring in and why!

We will need to do a fair amount of rearranging so there’s room for all this cool stuff in the shop, but we will have them for sale and ready to go home with you by the end of March.


5. Sign Pen Brush

by Pentel Arts

We have a new display of these beautiful brush tip pens from Pentel. These pens feature a flexible tip great for brush lettering style font, but also work really great as just an every day pen, too. They feature a body made out of 80% recycled plastic and a short manageable hexagonal shape.

They are water based and can actually be used just like watercolor pens so they blend very easily. This is a nice affordable pen that can easily round out so may artistic practices that we thought they were too perfect not to bring in for you.

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4. iDye fabric dye

by Jacquard

The thrift side of our store has a HUGE amount of fabric right now. That’s great! Who doesn’t love fabric? But we thought to ourselves, “Selves, wouldn’t it be nice if we had more products designed to be used with all that fabric? What about something like an easy to use fabric dye? What about iDye?”

iDye packets come individual sealed and kind of look like a tide pod but with dry pigment inside. Just throw the pods in the wash with anything you want to dye (or a bucket for the dying purest) and it is that easy. It is available in several different colors. The standard iDye packet is great for natural fabrics and the iDye poly works best with synthetics. So get your tye dye on…or refresh your faded jeans…or give that old t-shirt a new purple life…or, well, you’ll think of something!

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3. Pearl Ex

by Jacquard

The shop is basically organized into sections by media type. We have no idea which part of the store to put our Pearl Ex display in because it is one of the most versatile mediums around.

Pearl Ex is a metallic pigment powder that can be added to SO MANY things. Want a shimmer of gold in your paint? Want your resin cast to be sparkly flamingo pink? Then this is your product! It also works great for finishing clay pieces, stamping, nail art… the list goes on and on.

We are super excited to share this product with you and see what cool ideas you come up with to use it!

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2. Gel Printing Plate

by Gel Press

Let me just say that I have tried some other gel monoprinting plates in the past and I was…not impressed. I was seeing beautiful results online, but could not reproduce them. I figured the problem was me (after all you can’t be good at everything) and not the press but it turns out that not all gel presses were created equally. I met the fantastic ladies at Gel Press at the conference and I was blown away. This is actually a medical grade gel that can do all of the wonderful things I saw online and then some!

If you are not familiar with monoprinting, that is okay. Don’t be intimidated, it is a super easy process that is great for book artists, art journalers, card makers, or even for making original pieces of art. We are scheduling an in store demo, as well as a video tutorial, with this product soon. I am super excited to show you how to put alcohol ink on the thinnest paper and NOT HAVE IT BLEED THROUGH AT ALL. How exciting is that?

We are carrying a large and small size plate as well as some funky shapes. I am seriously so excited about this product that I bought plenty of extras just for my own studio.

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1. Art History Hero Figures

by Today is Art Day

Do you like art history? Do you like collecting vinyl figures? Then our next product is for you (if not, you will like these anyway so stick around.)

Today is Art Day is a fairly new company that makes these great collectible toys to help teach art history. We currently carry their entire available line of Art History Heros (they have pre-orders open on Mary Cassatt so she will be available in the future.)

Each figure comes with some something unique for each artist. For example, Vermeer comes with pearl earrings, Dali has interchangeable mustaches, Frida’s parrot can be switched out for an anatomical heart and as a bonus she smells like roses. Each figure has facts about the artist on the box plus they come with mini paintings that you can cut out and display with the figure. They are really just too fun!

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