Here are some common questions we hear. Have a question not answered? Click here to send us a message.

Where are you located?
1808 Vinton St. Omaha, NE 68108. Very close to the zoo and right down the street from Louie M’s Burgerlust.

What are your hours?
We are open 11AM- 6PM Tuesday-Saturday.

What kind of products do you carry?
We try and carry a little bit of everything. Want to know if we carry a specific product? Give us a call at 402-884-1664

What is your thrift section?
Our thrift section is our selection of donated products. Usually these products are slightly used, but often times brand new items marked at least 50% off. Great for trying out something new, or just getting a little bit of something to finish up a project.

What do you do with donations?
Donations can be used in several different ways. Usable supplies can be put into our thrift section and sold at greatly discounted prices, the profit of which is put back into our community outreach and free children’s classes. Usable supplies also are often used in our free community outreach classes. Donations of art books go into our art book library.

What kind of stuff do you take for thrift?
You can bring pretty much anything that could be considered an art or craft supply. If you are not sure bring it in anyway and we will make sure it gets sent someplace where it can be put into good use. For more information look here.

When can I bring in donations?
Between 11:30-5:30 anytime we are open. Be sure to bring them in a container you don’t need back as we don’t always have time to unload and process when you arrive. For more information look here.

Do you buy art supplies?
Since we use thrift sales to help fund our community work we do not buy art supplies, however, every January we have an event where we will trade old supplies for store credit.

Do you buy art books?
We do not profit off of our lending library, and there for do not buy art books.

Does it cost anything to check out books?
It does not cost anything to check out books. We just take some contact information, and the book is yours for two weeks.